On Our Way

We are leaving New York. The place we have made our home over the past 14 years. Anna quipped, “We may be moving to California, but I’m a New Yorker. I grew up here,” and of course we can’t deny that! We will miss our family & friends and everything else that has given our life meaning and structure in this enormous, complex, towering city on the bank of the Hudson.

Why leave the City that never sleeps? Wide open water views of the San Francisco Bay, a milder climate, less stress, more nature, and a place for Kurti to plant his avocado and lemon trees. Many reasons beyond these for certain, BUT… before we ‘land’ in California (or somewhere else?) we are going on an adventure. A really BIG one. All 6 of us, plus our travel tutor, Emma. (The kids have to keep up on their studies!) Our goals are to taste more of life in other locales, grow as a family and as individuals, and open up many avenues of possibility on which we may travel into our future as responsible, caring citizens of this planet. Sounds pretty lofty, but we plan on doing more than just ‘have gelato on The Rialto’ or ‘enjoy a dram of scotch on the Royal Mile.’ We want to create experiences that will be sure to shape us into people who can more easily relate and connect with others. We want to become part of many communities, bridging the world and bringing in more collaboration. We are diving into a world of change with people, places and the planet.

AND, I don’t think this adventure will end. We can’t wait to share it with you and hope you will come along with us, at least in spirit if not in person.